Pictured: Taiki Tsujino (Japan) & Si Shen (China)


International players have always formed a big part of what Uni FC is about. Every year we not only welcome new players from all over Australia, but from countries all over the world. From America to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. Whether they've moved here permanently, for the length of their degree, or just for one semester, international players have made a big impact to both the success on the field and the culture of friendship off it.

So much so that we decided we wanted to specifically honour the international students that come on exchange for a semester, only getting to play the first half to two thirds of the season, and still make an impact on the field.

So we created the International Player of the Year Award in 2015

The Robinson Tomniavia International Player of the Year
Hall of Fame


CHRIS GROBE (Germany) - 2017

Chris arrived at the club with a weapon of a left foot which impressed all and sundry who saw it at training. He then turned that in to a number of goals in reserve grade (and firsts) walking away with the Golden Boot award in reserve grade for 2017.


Taiki Tsujino (Japan) - 2016

Taiki made an instant impact at our club with some amazing skills, cutting in from the left side of the field to score some great goals in the first games of the season setting us well on our way to the finals. If he was only here longer maybe he could have helped us go even further!


Alieu Musa (USA) - 2015 

It didn't take long for Moose to become a Uni FC favourite, and will go down in folklore for years to come, after winning the golden boot with 14 goals in just the first half of the season! 
The man was a speed machine and had cannons hidden in those orange boots!