Trial Games @ Speers Point - Saturday 4/3/2017

Trial games for tomorrow have been moved to Speers Point at 2:45pm & 4:30pm kickoffs.

Bring NAVY socks!! And please get there an hour before your scheduled kickoff.

2:45pm Team List:
Rowen Forbes
Trent Stevenson
Nick Mason
Jackson Lloyd
Nat Fullbrook
Sam Larsen
Basil Bullock
Dave Stuart
Tully Matthews
Kenny Devan
Scott Ford
Perry Le Brocque
Matt Smith
Leigh Carroll
Paul Kitney
Eoin Smith

4:30pm Team List:
Adam Rosandic
Llew Uhrig-Thomas
Mitch Beatty
Kristian Weir
Micky Lawrence
Brad Brown
Chris Burns
Dave Bourne
Reece Rayner
Kale Hibberd
Jimmy Fuller
Sam Mitchell
Boden Loveridge
Blake Barnes-Riddell
Liam Clarke