Zone Premier League - Our top squad (3 grades)

Zone League 2 - Our second tier squad (2 grades)

All Ages - Self-managed teams of various skill levels

Zone Premier League - First Grade (Premiers & Minor Premiers 2013)

Zone Premier League - First Grade (Premiers & Minor Premiers 2013)

Zone Premier League

As the name suggests, this is our premier squad. It's made up of 3 grades (1st, Reserves & 3rds). No age restrictions. This is where you'll want to be if you want to compete at the highest level on offer at Uni FC.

Selections trials happen at the beginning of the season (around February), and with so many new students to Newcastle University each year wanting to play football, it's a competitive environment in which you'll have to earn your spot. This is made all the more difficult for the coaches and players by the fact that a squad needs to be named usually within the first two weeks of the new university year. So if you arrive early, be sure to get down to trials/selections as soon as you can to ensure the coaches get a good chance to see your ability. It can be quite difficult to stand out on a field of 50-100 people! So the more time you give the coaches to evaluate the better your chances!

Training is held twice a week (Tuesday & Thursday night) with an expectation that most weeks you'll attend both sessions if you're selected in the ZPL squad.

Zone League 2 - Reserve Grade (Round 1, 2015)

Zone League 2 - Reserve Grade (Round 1, 2015)

Zone LEague 2

This is our second tier competitive squad made up of 2 grades (1st & Reserve). Whilst competing two divisions down from our Zone Premier League teams, this is still a competitive grade and training is held twice weekly. There is still an expectation that players are able to attend most sessions.

This is where players will be if they want the squad culture and slightly less competitive atmosphere, but aren't up to the skill level required of Zone Premier League.


All Ages

Got a group of mates that all want to play together? Not take things too seriously? Manage your own team? Train just once a week? Or maybe not at all and just play a social game on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon?

Then All Age is probably for you!

Not coming to the club with the highest skill set? But still want to have a go? Kick a ball around and make some new mates? Possibly even some life-long ones?

Then All Age is probably for you!

Register your interest in All Age now. Let us know if you've got a full team, a small group, or just yourself.